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"At the age of 91, my mom, Bea, traveled cross country from the West Coast where she resided in an assistant living facility for the previous 4 years, to live with us in the state of Maine. Clearly we anticipated this transition would be challenging in a wide array of respects. After visiting us, our coordinator Alison assigned Tess for the daily care of Bea. Tess's loving care and flexibility had made a big difference in realizing a seamless transition and establishing confidence with our family. Our special thanks to Tess for all she is doing!"


"Provides a service that enables seniors to remain in their own homes. Without Bridges we would be in an extremely stressful situation. We have a large family and are very fortunate to have many living in the area, however everyone has their own family and even though it is our 98 year old mother’s wish to live her last days in the home where we all grew up it would be impossible without our “agency girls”. The caring, loving, professional, attentive care she receives means a lot to her as well. She is still alert and interested in life around her most of the time. Your girls have a great way of drawing her “out of her own head” and into current conversations all while assisting her in necessary routines. (Which she doesn’t always want to do.) She will do more for your girls that she will for her daughters. The employees we speak with when calling are always pleasant and accommodating. We do realize we aren’t their only client but they make us feel like we might be. You are providing a priceless service to not only our senior citizen but to their families…"


"Bridges allows me to be more comfortable and be able to stay in my own home."
-Bridges Client

"Bridges does a nice job, I think, tailoring help to the needs of clients, and does a good job communicating issues with me."
- Matt

"We have an exceptional staff person working with/for our son. She is a light of sunshine."
- Mother of an autistic adult son
"I did a home visit. When I was there the daughter/ PSS was telling me that they had a lot of different people coming into their home for her mom. I said I would be quick so that I could get out of their way. Mary said “Oh no, not you, you are from Bridges and Bridges is just like family."
- Bridges Home Services Employee


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Bridges Home Services is an equal opportunity provider. Please let us know if you require special accommodations.
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