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No Worries

Caption: Sally Greely (left) and Susan Hart (right) posing with their mom Cecile at Spectrum Generations Adult DayBreak Center at the Muskie Center in Waterville.

One and a half years ago, my sister and I found ourselves in a situation which many of you probably have experienced – taking care of a loved one.  Our Mom could no longer live on her own, so she moved in with us.  We are twins, so we have always shared - and now we shared Mom!  Living down the road from one another made it easier too.

Because we both worked full-time, we needed help.  Mom’s doctor suggested a daycare program.  We contacted Spectrum Generations and they put us in touch with Allison, the Adult DayBreak Program Coordinator at Spectrum Generations Muskie Center in Waterville.  It was a very easy process to enroll Mom in their program.  And if you qualify, there are even programs that are available to help with the cost.

We wanted a program where our Mom would be busy, not just sitting in a chair all day long.  They offered that, and then some!  There were a wide array of activities to meet the interest  and different needs of the clients, such as arts and crafts, daily exercise, lunch excursions (in warmer months), games, cards, bingo, coloring, puzzles, movies, and more.  We didn’t even have to worry about sending Mom with a lunch or snacks because they provide well balanced meals and snacks.

Allison, Tammy and the rest of the staff are caring, loving, and compassionate.  They were like an extension of our family.  We were able to continue to work with no worries while Mom was in their care.  We highly recommend this program to anyone who needs help with their loved one – whether to give you’re a few hours of free time, or while you work.

Words can’t express our gratitude to all the wonderful Adult Day and Community Support Services Program staff at Spectrum Generations Muskie Center. 

Meet Maddie

Maddy has been coming to the program since December of 2009. She has not walked for over a year now and she does not push herself in her wheel chair at home. One day, Maddy asked our staff to get her coat. At the Muskie Center, we strive for our consumers to maintain their independence,so we encouraged Maddy to try and get it on her own by pushing herself in her wheelchair. 

We put her hands on the wheels and showed her how she easily she could move herself, and so she did. She got her coat on her own and now does it daily.

Meet Patricia

Patricia is a consumer at our Adult DayBreak program at the Muskie Center. She had a goal to make a wall-hanging quilt while attending the program and her bigger goal was to keep it a secret. One of the activity aides helped her make this goal become a reality with her sewing skills and direction. As the project completion came closer, Pat became more and more excited because this was going to be a surprise gift for her sister. After a few months and many hours of dedication, she accomplished both goals. 

She was very proud of her hard work and accomplishments. Patricia was able to surprise her sister with this beautiful wall hanging.The staff at the Adult DayBreak program are very proud of Pat for sticking to this lengthy project and reaching her goals!


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